Senior Circle

Seniority Club

Have the time of your life in the prime of your life.

Join the Club.

At Pottstown Hospital, we want you to enjoy the prime of your life- that's why we've designed a program to help make this time the best years of life.

Seniority Club is a program for individuals age 50 and better who are interested in pursuing an active lifestyle, learning about health and wellness and meeting others. Our events and activities are designed to help you stay healthy, vibrant and active. We encourage you to pursue the things you love, try new hobbies and interests and meet new friends.

Membership benefits include:

  • Physician-led health seminars
  • Social engagements
  • Education programs
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Entertainment events and activities
  • A subscription to a health and wellness publication
  • Complimentary private room upgrade during your hospital stay (when staffing and availability permits)
  • Free meal for spouse or caregiver each day member is hospitalized
  • Prescription discounts
  • Hearing care discounts
  • Vision care discounts
  • Prescription eyeglasses or contact lens discounts
  • Emergency response discount with ADT
  • Car rental discounts