Diabetes Care

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please call: (610) 327-7463 

Diabetes affects many Americans, for many reasons. Luckily, most people can manage their condition through diet, medication and other treatments. Pottstown Hospital's Diabetes Resource Center offers counseling, support, testing and up-to-date information and tips to help people living with diabetes enjoy regular, active life-styles.

Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Program

This program consists of five sessions of comprehensive education and coping skills classes, on topics including:

  • Diabetes complications and preventative measures
  • Diabetes medications, insulin and self-monitoring skills
  • Nutrition, meal planning and exercise
  • Pathophysiology: causes, types of Diabetes and coping skills for patients and their families
  • Stress: how it affects you and what you can do to relive it

Diabetes Exercise Program:

We create individualized exercise regimens tailored to your life-style and personal goals.

Diabetes Education & Resource Center

Pottstown Hospital provides education, support, follow-up and guidance for you and your family. Individual counseling sessions for nutrition, medication use and blood sugar testing are available with a physician’s referral.

For more information, please call: (610) 327-7463