Maternity Services

Classes and Support


Take a tour of the maternity unit 7 days a week. If possible, please call 3-4 hours in advance. For more information to schedule your tour, please call (610) 327-7142.

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Pottstown Hospital offers consultation to expecting families starting the day you know you're pregnant. Our goal is to help support you to make the best decisions for you and your family. For more information, please call: (610) 327-7213. REGISTER for a class or seminar.

We will:

  • Help you with class pre-registration
  • Provide a personal tour of our unit
  • Prepare you for what to expect—from pregnancy through your hospital stay and beyond—to help you gain confidence as a new patient
  • Offer pre-natal classes
  • Provide access to lactation counselors who guide you in selecting a breast pump if needed as well as give nutritional guidence.

Class Pre-registration Available

We offer convenient pre-registration at Pottstown Hospital to save you time. If you have questions, please call us at (610) 327-7213.


To help you prepare for your childbirth experience, we offer a variety of family-centered classes. Our classes are popular, so we recommend registering by the fifth month of your pregnancy to ensure the widest selection of dates and times.

The classes cover topics such as breastfeeding, knowing your newborn, and more. After your baby is born, we offer ongoing lactation consulting and support to help you adjust to this part of motherhood.

Breastfeeding Class

A certified lactation consultant instructs families on the lifetime benefits of breastfeeding for baby, mother and family. This class teaches how breast milk is made and proper latching techniques. It also helps to dispel many myths about breastfeeding and discusses when and how to get help, how to continue breastfeeding, and how to manage working and breastfeeding.

Birth Preparation Class

Childbirth classes provide important information to prepare you and your support person for the birth of your baby. You will learn what to expect during labor and birth, pain management options (including natural, pain medications & epidural procedures) and how your support person can help you. With an opportunity to discuss and practice a variety of comfort measures including breathing patterns and relaxation techniques we will be able to partner with you to create a unique plan for your birthing experience.

VBAC Class (Vaginal Delivery After Cesarean Section)

The VBAC class addresses considerations for couples who desire to attempt to have a VBAC after a cesarean birth. Class topics include VBAC considerations, early labor, pain management, active labor, pushing and potential emergency situations.

Take a Tour

We include a tour of our Maternity unit in each of our childbirth preparation classes. Please call (610) 327-7142 to schedule an appointment.

Our focus on personal attention and compassionate care will make yours an extra special delivery. Our private rooms with sleep chairs enable you to have a family experience.