Pulmonary and Respiratory

Pulmonary & Respiratory Health

For more information,

please call: 610-327-7498.

The pulmonary and respiratory health services at Pottstown Hospital specialize in lung care. We focus on detecting, monitoring and treating lung-related issues.

In addition to healthcare services, Pottstown Hospital's Respiratory Care Department educates the community by assisting school programs with education on the dangers of smoking and activity-induced asthma.

We're open around the clock and ready to help you with any breathing and lung issues that arise, including:

  • Acute Inpatient Care
  • Arterial Blood Gas Testing
  • Asthma Education
  • Bronchoscopes
  • Emergency Care
  • Outpatient Pulmonary Rehab
  • Overnight Oxygen Studies

Pulmonary Function Testing

For more information, please contact: Respiratory Care Department (610) 327-7097 ...