Wound Care

Chronic, non-healing wounds, those that haven’t shown signs of improvement in several weeks or are not responding to typical treatments, need extra help to heal. Difficult wounds of this type are often caused by injury, disease or poor blood supply. Pottstown Hospital provides specialized treatment for these types of wounds.

Our team works as a unit to address your specific needs and come up with a treatment plan that may include:

Hyperbaric Medicine

Pottstown Hospital’s hyperbaric medicine treatment options surround patients with difficult wounds with 100% oxygen in a comfortable, pressurized chamber. This saturation promotes the body’s natural immune system and healing responses, allowing wounds to heal more easily, from the inside out.

We also offer the following services:

  • Antibiotic management program
  • Compression therapy: elastic stockings, bandages
  • Biotechnology treatments: growth factor therapy, bioengineered tissue
  • Debridement – removal of bad tissue
  • Digital photographic measurement of wounds to assess healing progress
  • Education/prevention
  • Noninvasive vascular testing
  • Nutrition assessment and counseling
  • Special need items, including: beds, mattresses, seat cushions and footwear